Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My new Pinterest Interest...well, okay, obsession!

Okay, so I finally broke down and figured out Pinterest. If you don't know what this is, it's an AMAZING website that allows you to make virtual pin boards for any theme you can imagine. You take a link and upload it onto your "pin board", you then select an image from that link and have started to create a board! Now, I didn't fully realize how absolutely awesome this website was until I started playing around and, omg, I can tell you - it's flippin' life changing!! Every craft, DIY project, hair style, home decor idea, fashion guide, inspirational quotation, etc. that you could ever want and or imagine is there! I love love love it.
Although I have only been a member for a short time I have created 21 boards (and counting) which range in topic from: Fashion Fabulosity, Home Decor, My 2012, Birthday Party Ideas, Super Suppers, Free Printables, and so much more! I'm telling you, the possibilities are endless! Just imagine how helpful this website would be to someone who is planning a wedding, redecorating their home, throwing a baby shower, and really just about everyone! ;)
Below I've listed 5 of my current favorite pins from 5 different boards, just to give you an example of how great Pinterest is! 1. I re-pinned this from another member and the link brings you back to a website called PB & J Stories. I pinned it to my "Organization" board and i love it because it's brilliant!! I love the idea of re-purposing an every day item like this to organize your life. Even if you only had an old ugly magazine holder laying around you could totally jazz it up with a little spray paint and imagination!

2. I re-pinned this absolutely gorgeous bag to my "Fashion Fabulosity" board and it links back to an Etsy shop called Crazy Boy. It's $45 USD and I would love it as part of my wardrobe! The stripes are absolutely lovely!

3. This third pin links back to a blog called Wit and Whistle. It's so smart, simple, and looks great! A few years back I was on a mission to find a perfect cheese platter and I never did find one that I loved. Well, now I can just make my own using a white dish and some chalk paint! I put this bad boy in my "Projects" board.

4. Now this one I re-pinned but it doesn't link back to a webpage. It was uploaded by a member so I'm not sure if it was there own photo or taken from a website. I found it by searching "bunk beds" (my 3 year old is constantly asking for bunk beds!). I pinned it into my "Home Decor" board - something to come back to in a few years for inspiration perhaps!

5. And finally, I pinned this one, grabbing the link directly from a Stencil website . I'm obsessed with many things....two of them being polka dots and the idea of re-finishing old furniture. I LOVE the look of this nightstand and think it would go so perfectly in my baby's nursery. I pinned this one to my "Re-purposed/Re-finished Furniture" board for inspiration.

So, this is obviously a super small sampling of what sort of ideas you can get from Pinterest. I am in absolute love with this website and am so excited for all the possibilities it brings! If you are on pinterest my user name is: mrslavaj . I would love for you to drop by and check out my boards! Leave you username in the comments sections of this post and I'll come and check out yours too!! Happy pinning! :)


  1. I'm following you on Pintrest now! (I'm randomcreative there.) It took me a couple months to really get into the site but I love it now. I have found some great cheap solutions for little craft or home projects. I use it all the time for blog and article research, too.

    I love your finds! The little dotted drawers are so adorable.

  2. Just followed you on pinterest, I'm "dancerinjade." I loooove pinterest! I use it a lot for art lesson ideas (I'm an art teacher) and home decorating ideas too, of course!

    Found you from Facebook FANatics, following your blog! Feel free to follow back!