Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy 2012 to all you bloggers and blog-readers out there!! I hope you all had an amazing night and a super fun holiday season! I know my family and I did and I am so looking forward to the year that awaits us ahead. We were so blessed in 2011 and have soooo much to be excited for in 2012!

The big question everyone asks now that it's a new start in the new year is, "what's your new years resolution?!". Well, I usually don't make a resolution, per say, but this year I have decided that it is going to be an awesome 12 months and I'm going to make some new policies to live by! Here are a few things that I plan to focus on:

1) Be more f*&($#@ fabulous!

This year I will be turning 30. This doesn't bother me at all, but what DOES bother me is how much in a rut I've gotten lately especially when it comes to my wardrobe! So, this year, I vow to be a BIT more adventurous in my attire. I've always wanted to try out new things but at the last minute chicken out and resort to my old reliable safe jeans and t-shirt. As proof of my commitment to my new fabulosity, I wore a spectacular dress last night that I love. When I first put it on and looked in my wardrobe mirror, I'm not going to lie, I had a strong urge to rip through my dresser drawers for my yoga pants. I stayed strong though and rocked it all night long in my dress. Here's a link to the Etsy shop, Heart my Closet, were I purchased my new lovely:

My sister(right) and I

2) Be more organized

With two little girls, life can get hectic! Not to mention we are going on some pretty awesome trips this year, I'm going back to work, AND I will be in a wedding this summer...this all means, I need to stay more organized!! This month I'm hoping to set up a designated crafting area - as opposed to my kitchen table, which always end up taking over our whole house like one giant crafting monster mess -, clean out my closets, organize my kids activities (yes a 3 year old and an 8 month old and I'm already busy busy busy with their activities), and organize how my life will look when I get back to work (dayhomes, work schedules, etc.)!

3) Cherish every single second I get in my wonderful life!

As I mentioned before, this past year was soooo good to us. We are so blessed and I absolutely recognize it. However, many important people in our life hadn't been so lucky in 2011 and it really makes me realize that we have to be thankful for every second. I know I sometimes complain about long line ups, bad sleeps, and all those little annoying things in life but when it comes down to it I am soooo very thankful for all that my family and I have and I will remember this every day! I hope you do too!! :)

SO....Happy New Year to you all and I wish you a safe, prosperous, wonderful 2012!!

p.s. Do you have any new years resolutions? If not, I suggest the one about being f$#@*(&^ fabulous! lol!

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  1. Yet another similarity with us...jeans and t-shirt! This, too, is one of my goals this year. Drop a few, wear something f#€%ing fabulous! :)