Monday, February 11, 2013

My Favorite Mondays no. 2

It’s Monday! Now, that isn’t always a thing to celebrate but I think this week, we should be excited for Monday and the week ahead. It’s our week filled with love (only 3 more days until Valentine’s day!) and, also, it’s Random Act of Kindness week!

Here’s my five picks for ‘My Favorite Mondays’ – inspired by this special week.

Favorite Pin
Sometimes holidays have a way of sneaking up on you. Valentine’s Day is a bad one for this because, truthfully, I think we are still all recovering from December a bit. I absolutely adore this pin fromCrafted by Lindy because it is a thoughtful, easy way to give something different at valentines (AND a free printable never hurts!). What a perfect idea for a teacher, co-workers, or your day home/daycare provider.
Favorite Etsy findThis is, by far, my favorite Etsy find this week! Image 3D sells these uber cool view-master style custom reels and viewers. The awesomeness of this product does not require much explanation, however, I will say that if my Valentine were to get me one of these and fill it will our favorite photos, I would absolutely be swooning. The possibilities of cool things you can do with this are endless – picture this, use a reel and viewer as the greatest way ever to announce your pregnancy or engagement.

Favorite Charity
Last year I found out about a fabulous charity called CARE Canada (there is also a CARE USA) whose mandate is to empower women and girls, particularly those living in poverty. This worthy cause is one that every person should take notice of because, according to CARE, if a single woman rises from poverty, she typically takes 4 people along with her. Also important to note, as with any charity you choose to support, CARE Canada operates with an average 6% administrative cost and have all of their annual reports available on their website.
CARE is currently running a Walk in her Shoes fundraiser that I encourage you all to learn more about (here)!

Favorite App
Okay, when it comes to cool new apps, I’m usually pretty far behind on things and I’m guessing that most people already know about this one, but Songza is my favorite new app. It is a mind-blowingly awesome app where you can stream playlists onto your smart phone (or stream onto your computer). There are no audio ads, it’s free, and the play lists are killer – need some new workout tunes? Songza! Need some low-key background music at work? Songza! Need someone to suggest some new music? Songza!

Favorite Personal Update
OH, I am so excited for my upcoming trip to France. There are so many things that I want to see when I’m there I am finding it tough to pencil everything in (while trying not to pencil too much in)! The exciting new development for this trip is that we will now be spending 3 nights and 4 days in the south of France as well, and taking a trip to Monte Carlo too. Any tips for must-sees when I’m in Paris – send them my way!

Thanks for joining me this fine Monday and I hope your love-filled weekend is LOVE-ly!  Leave me a comment and share your favorite monday finds!


  1. Thanks so much for choosing my Valentine Printable! Hip Hip Hooray for Valentines Day!

  2. How do we download the free printable?

    1. Jessica - if you click on either the picture or if you click on the white link that says "free printable" you should go straight to the Crafted by Lindy site to download the image.

      If that doesn't work for is the link:

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