Monday, January 30, 2012

Handy Crafts

One of my favorite things to do with my three year old is to make all sorts of different crafts. Today our theme was hand prints - partially inspired by Pinterest and partially inspired by my daughter's favorite show, Out of the Box. We had a few things on our to-do list that I thought we could incorporate into our craft time today and below is what we came up with: Our first step was to start out with tracing a bunch of hand prints. The plan was to do a few thumbprints and footprints too but we didn't get too far with that plan!
Next job was to colour and decorate up the prints (before cutting!). I tried to convince her to try a few different colours but, come on mom....that's crazy talk!! :)

In addition to tracing out the hand print and colouring them, we also made some prints by covering her hands with some acrylic paint and stamping it down on some paper.
This one was my favorite of the day. I had seen this on Pinterest and it originated from a blog called A day in my Life. We needed to make a thank you card for my aunt so I thought this would be perfect. We glued hearts on each hand, one saying "i love you..." and the other holding our note of thanks. The middle section, of course, completes the message with "i love you...this much!". Next on our list was to make some hugs to mail to some out-of-the-country family. We made these ones out of the hand prints we had cut out. Then we measured my daughter's arm length and cut out a piece of ribbon to that measurement. And voila! A hug, just her size!

For the top one we had cut out a matching hand print and wrote out our message on it. Below, both sides of the hand prints were decorated so we just cut out some more hearts, pasted them on and wrote out a small message.

And finally, my daughter made a card for her to give to my husband. We made a few thumbprints, using the acrylic paint, and a set of hand prints to make a cute face. I just hand wrote a message on the card but you could also print off a message and paste inside. This card reads "I love you the most..." on the front and then on the inside I wrote, "hands down!".

I love making little projects with my daughter and I can hardly wait until my youngest is old enough to join in. It's so much fun to see them experience and explore different types of crafting, especially when it crosses a few things off of my very, verrrrry long to-do list!

Happy Crafting! :0)