Friday, December 16, 2011

Kid's Christmas!

I'm excited this Christmas because my oldest daughter is finally old enough to start doing some of those fun holiday activities I remember doing as a kid! We went to a Christmas carol sing-a-long, we've been baking together, wathcing old classic Christmas movies on t.v., and doing crafts!

One of my favorite activities we have done together so far this month has been making some awesome, DELICIOUS smelling Christmas tree ornaments (seriously, these things smell like Christmas!!)! I love these because they are simple to make, so much fun for kids (I think you could even do this craft with a 2 year long as you were giving them some supervision), and they smell awesome. Also, I love that because it is my 3 year old decorating them, they turned out so perfectly gaudy, something to look back on 20 years from now and smile! The ingredient list for these babies is short! All you will require is the following:

Apple-Cinnamon Christmas Tree Ornaments

1 cup of cinnamon

3/4 cup of applesauce (any kind)

2 TBSP white craft glue

Combine all the ingredients together to form dough (should make consistency you see below). Roll out dough on a piece of wax paper, slightly thicker than you would a pie crust.
Cut out your desired shapes and place on a cookie sheet, lined with wax paper (we did Christmas trees, gingerbread people, hearts, and three little wiener dogs!)At this point you can either let your ornaments dry by leaving them on the cookie sheet for about 2 days, flipping them over every once in a while.

We decorated ours right away, however, using pompoms, "gems", and googly eyes from the dollar store. You really could use whatever you wish to give your ornaments some style!

After we decorated the ornaments, because ours were still wet, I used a straw to poke out a hole wherever I wanted my ribbon to go through. Don't forget this step, otherwise you won't be able to hang your ornaments!

After 2 days our ornaments were completely dry. I used some satin ribbon as the ornament hangers and sealed the ends by running a flame, from a lighter, over them for about a second or so.

And there you are done! These ornaments smell just like their ingredients (cinnamon and apple) and they are so much fun for a little one to make. Obviously, just remember, because they have glue in them: do not eat!!!

If you don't have any little ones, you could still make them and put them into some potpourri or in a drawer to make everything smell like Christmas!

Since we had made so many, we saved one for our tree (you can write on the backs of them with a jiffy marker to note the year and which child made them) and then wrapped up all the rest in some festive paper, topped off with some tags I printed off on-line. We put them all in a basket under the tree and my daughter is SO EXCITED because she actually has gifts, just from her, to hand out to people she loves on Christmas eve!


  1. The ornaments are positively adorable!! I've heard of this cinnamon applesauce play dough, but never saw it being done. Great job!! I wish I had time to make some. :)

  2. Kristi - you should DEFINITELY do these next year...they smell exactly like Christmas!!: )