Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'mmmmm back!!!

Okay..this is just ridiculous!!! As you can see, I have been neglecting my blog for far too long! I don't know where all the time goes but, all I can say is WOW! It feels like just yesterday that I was posting my last blog! Now, almost 10 months later, I'm in shock as to where the time has gone! Ironically, May 17th - the date of my last post - is a very special date to me now. It's the due date for my new little baby girl that is set to arrive fairly soon! Yes, I"m going to be a mommy of two little bébés this spring! :)

Now that time is finally starting to slow down for me a bit, I've totally starting getting into my nesting mode! I have been searching and searching through all my Etsy favorites and through some great new finds to look for the perfect pieces for bébé no. 2. This time around we are going to leave our nursery walls two neutral shades of brown and leave all the girly flair up to the accessories and textiles. I am struggling a bit with what I want the final look to be but what I do know is that I want sweet, calm and a few polka dots here and there!

Here are a few items that I would be absolutely proud to include in my new baby's sanctuary:

First and foremost, I want to start off with this adorable Girly Owl night light from Star Lights by Amber. A nursery must have a great, calming atmosphere and soft lighting is a must. Why plug in a boring old white night light when you can add a little pizazz with a piece like this?? Measuring approximately 4" in height, this beautiful little light comes with a 5 watt bulb and is ready to go the minute you receive it.

This one, really, is a no-brainer for me. These boutique-quality, hand painted letters from Candace n Katie's Art are simply stunning. I love all the colour and motif combinations there are to choose from in this shop and the addition of the 2" stiff felt flowers really set these letters apart from many other shops! Bow holders, picture frames, and adorable kid's calling cards are also available in this shop.
Now, I know this isn't a décor item, per say, but I have to include this on my list. These baby books are truly special. 2 Giggles is a shop that is filled with wonderful customization, just for you. There is a plethora of baby books in a variety of colours, fonts, and even in form (for example, you can choose a bound book or a binder style). You can select additional pages to include in some of the baby books, such as "first holiday"pages or "pregnancy memories"pages. I have to admit that, yes, I could not resist and ordered one of these babies for myself (I opted for the binder variety)! I cannot wait to start filling in the pages with all the little anecdotes and stories of my new bébé no. 2! And really, with a sweet little shelf or bookcase, this CAN become a décor item (as I will be doing), displaying the book made just for my little one for all to see!

I happened to come across this shop (which is dripping with fabulosity, by the way) at the bottom of the Etsy page - you know, where they have little thumbnails of newly posted items. Oh my goodness, it was love at first site. EVERYTHING I love...polkadots, ornate frames, buttons...I could go on and on. I actually ordered a white frame for my other daughter's room and I can't help but show it off to all the guest who come to my house now. These pieces by Shugabee Lane are so unique and special, I really can't say enough about them. I dare you to check out this shop and not heart at least five's impossible!

And finally, this super sweet print from Love Sugar is something I fell in love with as soon as I set my eyes upon it! I love it's simplicity and the whimsical font used. Of course, I am a sucker for anything french and, lately, have really been drawn to cute little birdies. Measuring 12 x 16 this print is also great because of it's size...why always just stick with a boring 8 x 10? You can't lose with this glicée print (if you are looking for it in other colours or sizes, that is also available).

So, there you are. I am sorry that is has been so long since I've last updated you with some wonderful Etsy finds and I promise to keep things a bit more regular! As May 17 approaches you can be sure that I will be searching high and low, trying to find all the perfect items for my nest! :)


  1. Welcome back to blogging :) Your picks for your baby girl are precious :) Congratulations!

  2. Congrats!! Thanks so much for including my night light on your list of adorable baby items! You have great taste:)

  3. Congrats on the baby! That's wonderful.

    Thanks for including our print on your fab blog.

    Really great items on this post!

  4. Love the items you've picked out. It can be so fun decorating for a new baby :) Congrats on your soon to be newest addition! I'm following from your post on the Etsy Forum, you can follow me back at if you want :)

  5. Hi , I am coming by your blog from your post on the Etsy forum! You have some lovely picks of items, lovely blog xx

  6. Love your blog!! Found you through our wonderful blog team on etsy, yea networking!!!
    Judy K.