Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Original Bébé

With our baby’s arrival quickly approaching sometime in May, I’ve started to make a mental note of all the things I need to do – most of which need to happen sooner rather than later. As I was jotting down some notes, my sweet little Bruce (and I use the term “sweet” VERY loosely) caught my eye. Bruce is our family pet, but really, he is so much more than that. He is a mini dachshund that grew into a not-so-mini dachshund…let’s just say he’s more of an in-betweeny. Anyways, as I am trying to make my list Bruce keeps trying to get my attention. After several attempts, I backed up and let him jump up on my lap for a snuggle.

This little occurrence (which is usually a daily occurrence) got me to thinking. When little bébé no. 2 arrives, my poor Bruce has to make even more room on the old totem pole, again! Those first 3 months with the new little bundle of joy are a blur for us as parents and, unfortunately, I can tell you most positively that there will be a few missed belly rubs and thrown tennis balls for my furry little friend. If I remember correctly from the first time around: sleeping (or trying to sleep), eating, and changing diapers…that’s what my life was for what seemed like an eternity.

So, in my attempts to prepare I added another item to my baby to-do list. Pamper Bruce. Yes, just as I will be busy preparing my two-year old for the arrival of her new baby sister, I need to prepare my pup as well for his new baby sister. This, I believe, should consist of a few extra walks, some serious cuddle time and of course, a few luxuries from Etsy!

These are some fabulous finds from some fabulous shops that would be fabulous for any pet lover!

Bruce is a bonafide prize-winning wiener dog. Last year he won our local wiener dog race and even managed to claim a $250 prize!! This pea green Dachshund sweater, from Warm Weenies, has his name all over it. He is a professional after all and should be dressed like one!!

After a long day of lying around, chewing on a raw-hide and barking at the neighborhood kids as they walk home from the bus stop, a dog can manage to work up quite the appetite! These adorable bone shaped dog mats are perfect for jazzing up your dog’s personal space. Camargo Creations has a wide variety of mats at extremely affordable prices!! Definitely check them out!

Sophie’s Threads also gives us a portal to dog fabulosity with some great looking harnesses. Bruce can be quite excitable on his walks – especially when that French bulldog from down the street happens to be walking by – and a harness just like this one is what he needs to impress his lady friend AND stay safely at my side!

While taking our walks, this inevitably leads to other things…yes, you know what I’m talking about. As a responsible pet owner I’m always sure to have my little roll of baggies attached to my leash, ready to spring into action whenever the mood may hit him. Some people, unfortunately, are not so thoughtful when it comes to this so this ‘NO DOG POOP’ yard sign from Knob Creek Metal Arts is perfect to keep Bruce’s turf turd free!

This vinyl decal from Graphic Spaces has been one of my favorite Etsy listings for a long time!! I can just picture the perfect spot for it in my house!! I love anything that can be personalized (dog’s name, size, colour) and that is unique. This Dog House decal is just that and is, therefore, a must have.

And finally, and this is perhaps the most important for me. A reminder. A cute Dachshund silhouette from Scratch and Sniff, right at eye level, would work perfectly as that gentle reminder on those mornings when I’ve had little to no-sleep, 5 diaper changes, and an early morning wake-up from my two year old. These prints are unique because, not only are they a silhouette, but they are made from various different paper sources – including my favorite, an image from Alice in Wonderland.

When bébé no. 2 arrives it will be difficult to adjust to our new family life. But, whether I have two bébés, 4 bébés, or more, Bruce will still always be one of my bébé’s himself. Before we have kids, he was our kid. Now I consider him more of a teenager but, never the less, we will always make sure to have room for him on our totem pole! Love you Bruce-ington!


  1. Bruce is very lucky to have such a thoughtful mommy who'll remember that he still has needs even with a new baby in the house. Great blog and wonderful dachshund items you discovered!

  2. Love the etsy finds. Yes, Bruce will be an excellent big brother for the second time. heehee.

  3. Little Bruce looks like a very understanding doggie. I'm sure he'll be very accepting of the new baby and very forgiving of your new time constraints. Those are some great Etsy finds by the way. I love the wall decal.

  4. Bruce is lucky to be part of such a lovely family! I am sure that he will be a big help with the new baby. I am also sure that he won't mind being spoiled in advance.
    Thank you so much for including my dog mat among your wonderful Etsy finds.