Monday, May 17, 2010

Laundry is LOADS of fun!

Most of us ladies, probably, don't want to admit it but a fine laundry room really knocks our socks off. It's sort of on that list of things that "one day" I'll actually have. An amazing laundry room - yes a room that centers around doing choirs - can really change your life.

Even though, your very presence in this room denotes work and things most of us try to avoid, you can't help but fall in love with this little corner of clean. Here at the Hand Crafted Cottage I want to put a lot of love into every room in my home. And the laundry room is no exception.

Envision your den of dirty with a gorgeous deep sink, standing strong in front of a full wall of durable, wipeable tiles. Beside that is a wonderfully aged white shelf, with purple polka dot wall paper adorning it's insides. This is where all your soaps and such would make their home and beneath them live your beautiful baskets of wicker. Everything has it's place and everything is gleaming clean. Wow...I think my socks where just knocked!

Here are a few more Etsy gems that would fit right in to the laundry room of your dreams!

The laundry room WOULD be loads of fun with organization such as this. This vinyl decal from Style Mark Designs would make any tin basket the perfect keeper of your detergents, towels, or socks without a match. Of course, this could also make a home on your wall, reminding you how much fun choirs can really be (right???)!

I love this sign because it keeps things fun. And really, a quotation from William Shakespear makes everything more respectable...even scrubbing mystery stain out of the pants you wore on the bus! Rumple Street Boutique makes such wonderful signs, whether it be for your laundry room or any other room in your house. This store is a must see and are quickly growing into one of my favorite shops out there.

Mr. Jones Soapbox laundry detergent is enviornmentally friendly and, also, friendly to the old pocket book! Packaged beautifully, this soap will massage your clothes clean and will last for 80 loads. The look of this product drew me in while what was inside kept me interested! Way to go Mr. Jones!

Another vinyl decal that really tickles my fancy. I love that you can get these in any colour - so to match my purple polka dots. It falls within my whimsy theme, yet is helpful for those times I can't remember my symbols. My, how helpful! Sudio JK Vinyl has really hit the nail on the head with this one and I think that this would make a wonderfully unique house warming gift.

Of course, when it comes to laundry there are other things to consider. Laundry and ironing go hand in hand. I am absolutely enamoured with the lovely ironing board covers found in Compelled to Craft. A wide selection of patterns available, this shop dedicates itself to beautifying the everyday. Why not iron in style? Of course, having the ironing board hanging on the wall (yes, everything has it's place) turns into almost a peice of art.

And finally, this one is very important and usually overlooked. As the wife of a notorious scatter brain, I generally find laundry day to be quite lucrative! I can't tell you how many five, ten, twenty dollar bills I have found in my other's pockets while cleaning his clothes. I figure I've earned it and always throw that moo-lah into a jar to access at a later point in time. Of course, I need a special jar that looks smashing. Leave it to Whitney Smith, to help me out!

It's a fact that having an awesome laundry room increases the resale value of your home. Having an inviting laundry room also makes an annoying task a little more bearable. Pull together these fabulous items and you just might find yourself in the 'official room of choirs' a little more often that you thought!

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