Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gift Giving Bliss

So the season is fast approaching. Yes, you know what season I’m talking about. No? Well, I’ll give you a hint. Think old, think new, think borrowed, think blue. Yes…you’ve got it! Wedding season! So far me and my others have found ourselves on a fairly light schedule of wedding time bliss. As it stands right now, we only have three weddings scrawled into our calendars.

I really do love weddings though. I love seeing the excitement on the family members’ faces and the adorable little girls in their flower girl dresses. I love the thought that goes into the tablescaping and watching their slideshow, seeing the bride and groom grow from rosy cheeked little cherubs to party hardy teenagers to the people they are today.

There are, however, different levels of excitement for each and every wedding that we attend - obviously. For example, your husband’s co-worker’s wedding may not invoke the same level of glee as that of your own sisters does. And with these varying degrees of wedding excitement levels there are also varying degrees on the gift levels.

Of the three weddings I am slated to attend this year I have, as you guessed it, three levels of wedding. The first is that of a friendly acquaintance. Great guy but I don’t see us going on any family trips together in the near future. Then, a month later, there’s an old friend of mine that I consider to be on my list of favorite people in the world (and who was, incidentally, one of my bridesmaid’s for my own wedding). Finally we have a friend of the family, who I also adore, and who falls somewhere in the middle of the first and second weddings.

I began to search through my Etsy favorites for appropriate wedding gifts. Ones that would fulfill all my different wedding gift levels. Of course I found a bevy of tokens that I would be proud to present to any of these people, all of which are more than fitting for my different wedding gift needs.
I have had my eye on this store for a while, waiting for someone special to me to have a wedding. I absolutely love this vintage styled sign from Rumpel Street Boutique and it would make a perfect wedding gift (or, really, a gift for you)! This sign comes in a variety of colours and sizes (medium size is pictured above) and is constructed beautifully of vinyl and solid wood. The artist has added a great final touch by signing and dating the back as well. Pricewise, this gift is an absolute winner, and would be the talk of the Gift Opening, without a doubt.
I love these Wine and Cheese Party Markers from Make Thyme. They are perfect for an acquaintances’ wedding, showing that you can come up with something cool and unique while still on a budget. Made of copper, the hand stamped plates measure 25.7mm x 19.8mm and sit on a 7.5” galvanized post. You may choose the different types of cheeses you would like to be included in your pack of five. Make Thyme also has a great collection of garden markets for you to check out as well.
I would faint with excitement (not kidding) if I got this stunning Fleur de Lis Address Plaque as a wedding gift. Atlas Signs is THE place to go for eye-catching signs for your home and life. I can’t describe this sign any better than it’s listing which says that this sign gives, “a rich sense of the past to your home.” You may choose your metal and lettering for an added touch of personal. I think I like the idea of this as a wedding gift so much because it symbolizes the new home that your couple will be commencing together. Gorgeous.
Next is something that is best given, perhaps, at a bridal shower. This silver lingerie wedding dress hanger from Lila Frances hardly needs a write up to show how perfect of a gift this is. Think of the wedding dress photo potential on the day of the wedding. It measure 15” across and can hold up to fourteen characters, all in a whimsical lower case font. If this one of a kind, amazingly awesome gift catches your eye you better order early though; there is a bit of a waiting list before you can get your hands on one.
And finally, this Earthenware Garden Bowl from KBrown Pottery is another great option, falling right in the middle when you don’t want to spent too much, but don’t want to spend too little either. This fabulous inside or outside bowl is hand thrown and measure 10.75”w x 2.75”h. Decorated with intricate and beautiful slip trailing, one is reminded of icing piped onto a cake. The listing indicates that this bowl will do beautifully outside, aging like a clay pot (although, beware of ice) or can be enjoyed indoors (although, keep in mind that it is not food safe).

So, whether you are attending the big day of your best friend of that of your second cousin’s aunt, once removed, remember that you can (and probably should) always put effort into your token to honour the biggest day of the bride/groom’s lives. Thought and effort is always truly appreciated and your gift will be one of the few that actually stick in their memories for years to come.


  1. This is such a beautifully written blog. Thank you for including Atlas Signs and Plaques in the wonderful lineup. All the suggestions are perfect, unique and very special.

  2. Thanks Janey! Glad to see you enjoy my blog and I honestly could say that I would describe your shop the same way, "perfect, unique and very special"!

  3. Fantastic choices of gifts! Do you by any chance want to attend my wedding ;) hehe.