Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jazzing up January

So, those pesky holiday bills have finally found their way to my doorstep. When I first discovered those seemingly harmless envelopes in my little mail cubby I thought to myself, “maybe this won’t be so bad…maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.” But as my shaking fingers ripped open the first stubborn letter I lost my nerve. I think I even started to sweat. My heart began beating faster and faster as I unfolded the bill. My eyes scanned across the page and finally fell on the dreaded balance line.

What did I see? Well…to be honest, not much! Wow, did I actually exercise that little thing called restraint this holiday season? Every year I tell myself, that I’m not going to go crazy over Christmas and that I will only pay for things with cash…no credit. While I did not completely follow my own rules, I didn’t do too bad at the end of the day.

After my eyes adjusted and I was delightfully surprised, what do you think my next move was? Yes, you would be correct in your assumptions – I checked out my Etsy favorites, of course! This time, my focus was jewelry and one thing you can always count on Etsy for is amazing jewelry.
I am in a love affair with turquoise jewelry. So at first glance, this ring from Corybethy, entitled Through the Looking Glass, immediately caught my eye. I love the textured look it has and its intrepid size. Made of sterling silver, in a satin finish, this stone – reminiscent of our lovely Earth – is stunning. Another plus, free shipping! You can't loose with this ring!
This Compass Necklace, which I found at Lulu Bug Jewelry, is a fantastic piece that appeals to my symbolic side. I love how the compass symbolizes staying focused and heading in the right direction. The listing even describes how sailors use to tattoo a compass on their bodies to signify finding their way home after a long voyage. Visually appealing and made of fine silver, the chain measures 16 inches long. The needle of the compass also moves so that you can always point yourself in the right direction!
A ring, a necklace, what’s next? Earrings, of course! These Sea Anemone Studs from KiraFerer are simple and seductive. Described as organic in feeling they are beautifully hand cut in sterling silver and measure 10mm in diameter. This shop originates in Hawaii and also offers a bevy of amazing rings – you must check them out.
Next is a drop dead gorgeous necklace from Jen Zidek’s Driftwood Jewelry shop. This one is actually made of beautiful, high quality turquoise and measures 19 inches long. The stones look absolutely exquisite and I love the various sized stones, which measure anywhere from 6 to 35mm in diameter. The shop also offers a bracelet to match, a set which any jewelry lover would covet.
And finally, I have long been a fan of Owl and Fox. This necklace, called Lady Grey, is stunning and dripping with fine detail. Made of three strands of lilac, silver peacock, and soft silver grey pearls, it clasps together with a striking rose clasp. This piece measures 17.5 inches long and is peppered with sparkling Swarovski crystals throughout. I can’t really say enough about this piece of jewelry, only that it is one of my favorites out there in Etsy land.

Now that I have presented you with my list of my top five favorite jewelry pieces on Etsy and I am now thinking that some, or all of them, may have been added to your list as well. Whether you yearn for these pieces or some other beauty that you’ve had your eye on for a while now might be the perfect time to buy – even with those holiday bills looming! Who knows, maybe yours won’t be so frightening either!

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  1. Wow, these pieces are fantastic finds! The turquoise ring is exquisite. Thanks so much for including my earrings amongst these beauties.