Thursday, January 7, 2010

In with the New!

After a great Christmas break, things are back on track here at the Hand Crafted Cottage. It was a great holiday season and, yes, I’m already looking forward to next year (were you expecting anything less?)! My family and I were totally spoiled, yet again, and we are so thankful for everything and everyone we have in our lives. Thank you to everyone who sent well-wishes our way and we hope everyone out there had a wonderful season as well.

So, first on my January ‘to-do’ list, I decided I needed to overhaul my Etsy favorites list. I do, of course, have my “old reliables” file that I can always count on when I need to get something fabulous for someone special (or, if we are being honest, for myself). There are so many wonderful items out there in Etsy Land, however, I thought I was perhaps doing myself a disservice by not further exploring my favorite virtual marketplace.

I set off in search of some hidden jewels and my mission was certainly a total success. I am constantly being delighted and surprised when I browse around the different shops on Etsy. You people are amazing.
The first shop I found, and am so excited about, is Quilt Lover. I absolutely am in love with hand made quilts. This beauty is called the I Love You lap quilt and I think I actually started salivating when I came across it. It’s everything I love – it’s romantic, beautiful, well made and functional. Beautifully crafted by a fellow Canadian, this quilt measures 58 x 77 inches and is made with 100% washable wool batting. Another positive - free shipping within Canada and the United States. If only it was a few months earlier, I think I would have to re-calculate my Christmas wish-list!!
Next is a gorgeous silk flower necklace by Every Day Diamonds. I know that this shop is actually from my “old reliable” list (LOVE this shop) but I couldn’t help myself. I own one of these purple silk flowers and I can’t say enough good things about it. It glams up an outfit like nobody’s business and anyone can pull off wearing one of these babies. When I saw that it was now available in a necklace version I gave this shop a mental high five! Measuring 17 inches long (with an extra 3 inches for adjustment) you cannot go wrong with this piece.
Just before Christmas a friend and I were talking about paper dolls. Where did they go we wondered? I recalled that in my own youth I had in my possession a book of Victorian paper dolls and, even then, I thought they were something special. This paper doll collection from Miss Brigette, entitled Miss Library Paper Doll, blows my old Victorian book right out of the water. I am almost at a loss of words to describe this item…it is SO fabulous, SO fun, and SO great to see Miss Bridget present us with her paper doll. Is it wrong that I actually feel lucky when I’m looking at this posting? The doll is uncut and measures 8 inches tall. She comes with nine outfits, a few friends and of course some books from her library. Fabulous.
This posting is something near and dear to me. I use to say that my best quality is my fine penmanship – I was trying to be funny…but now when I read that back, it’s actually kind of sad. ANYWAYS….I love fine penmanship and really admire people who can do calligraphy and do it well. I am entranced by the work done at Primele. I love this hand lettering and totally agree with the posting which describes it as being whimsical, lovely, and lyrical. If I was to ever receive an invitation in the mail addressed with this type of writing, my jaw would drop! I would almost hesitate to even open the envelope for fear of disturbing the ink.
And finally, looking ahead to the holidays awaiting us in the New Year, I found a beautiful pattern at The Goode Wife, for this primitive folk art rabbit. She is absolutely lovely and would look stunning adorning a shelf or even hanging on the wall. Measuring 18 inches long and looking so sweet, I believe this bunny could almost sit our all year long. The Good Wife informs that the posting that the pattern is actually quite simple to make and basic sewing knowledge is all that is required. How amazing would it look if you made a few of these and gave them to close family members for Easter…yes, you are right, you WOULD be the woman!

After a busy Christmas and with those terrible post-festive holiday bills looming I am thinking that I should start shopping before they arrive. I love finding new favorites on Etsy and coming up with great ideas to serve me in this New Year. Whether I am looking ahead to holidays that are coming, looking back to childhood memories, or just looking fabulous, Etsy certainly had me covered.

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