Monday, November 9, 2009

Going, going, gone!

I am always very good for keeping my favorites option up to date on my Etsy account. That way when I am looking for a gift, or a treat for myself, it's all ready to go for easy and quick reference.

There are some items that, over and over again, I am constantly marking as a favorite. I have noticed that some of my favorites, must be your favorites too. They must be because almost every single time I go to update my list, these items have once again been sold!

There is no more greater example of this than what I have noticed with Little Saplings Toys. As I have stated in past posts, I love wooden toys. They are durable, simple, offer a bevy of safety features, and - my favorite - heirloom worthy. One such toy that Little Saplings Toys offers embodies all of these qualities and, if I dare say so, more!

This organic retro 10 pin bowling set is maybe one of the best items I have ever come across on Etsy - and I truly mean that. Besides all of the qualities I mentioned above, this bowling set is so much more. And apparently you all agree - almost daily I am marking them as a favorite because the set I had marked the previous day is already sold!

This set comes with ten maple pins, smoothed to perfection and lovingly rubbed with beeswax and jojoba oil, two hardwood balls, and a cotton drawstring bag. To make things even more irresistible (I know what you are thinking, how could this get any better?!), with every purchase a tree is planted through the Trees for the Future program.

Another reason why I love this set is because it is offered at a great price. They offer other options as well so if you are looking for a smaller sized gift, for a special child in your life, you can pick up a six pin set instead, for even great affordability.

Besides the bowling sets, Little Sapling Toys also offers many adorable teethers and other toys, great as gifts or for your own family. This really is one of those special shops on Etsy that is worth marking over and over again on your favorites list!


  1. Amazing toys! I will have to add this shop to my favorites. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful! I am going to have to check them out!

  3. Hey! I love those bowling pins and balls (first pic). Awesome!

    P.S. We miss you on the thread. You must be so busy now that you're back at work. Hope you're doing well!

  4. Great post. I have been thinking about getting those bowling pins for my nephew for Christmas! They are in my favorites for sure.

  5. What craftsmanship! It's so much fun to discover new shops. AND to discover new Etsy blogs. I found this one thanks to a tweet by @EtsyEveryday.