Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Boom!

I recently got some very good news that one of my family's very best friends is going to have a baby! We are so happy for them and know that they are going to make lovely parents. Plus, one more guest at the cottage is always a happy thing.

We also have a few other friends who are currently awaiting the arrival of their own little bundles of joy - thus creating a baby boom at the cottage! I love the little fingers and toes, the funny faces they make in their sleep and the teeny tiny clothes that they wear. I'm not crazy about the four a.m. feedings or the poopy diapers but it's definitely worth it when you hold that little bundle of possibility in your arms.

So in honour of our mommas out there I would like to post some Etsy finds that I would be proud to present as tokens of love for their newly expanded families!

If you have kids, you know that you MUST have a sense of humour! It's very hard for anyone to take you seriously when you smell like spit up and your nursing pads are leaking! These adorable onsies from Bambina Mia are a must, especially for parents who already have everything they need, baby wise. It was actually VERY had for me to choose one to show you because there are so many great options in this shop! Do yourself a favor and check them out!

One of my Etsy favorites - Sweet Papers is THE place to go for birth announcements or baby shower invites. Many to choose from with absolutely gorgeous designs, these are sure to impress! Working with Sweet Papers is a treat and you really can't beat the price.

I've had my eye on these rattles for a while, available in the fabulous shop - Bundled. Big bold prints catch the eyes of little ones, while the soft cotton make it easy for them to grip on to. This shop is great because if you are looking to make a gift pack there are also matching blankets and roll-ups.

I love this next item because it makes a great baby shower gift or a baptism gift. Having gone to several baptisms in the last year or so I always struggle when it comes to what I want to bring as a gift. Now all I have to do is visit Hope Ink and I'm set! This gift is ideal because it's personalized and it's unique (you know everyone else will be bringing the same old same old).

And finally, a gift for mom from Polkadot Mag Pie. When we go to a baby shower we always see the same items, cute items mind you, over and over again. How nice would it be to present a new momma a gift allowing her to carry her baby (or her baby's name) with her at all times? Genius.

I really could go on and on with the great items you can find on Etsy for a baby shower. I love finding personalized items that I have chosen with care to give to a good friend for their new little one. Speaking of which, I better go and do a little more shopping...I ONLY have 6 more months until my friend has her baby!! :)


  1. Wonderful selections! I've also been on the look out for baby things for friends.

  2. Those onsies are soooo cute! We're expecting in April. I thnk I'm going to go stalk this shop for awhile! Thanks for introducing me to them!