Monday, November 16, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

When I got to work this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that my building had all their lovely Christmas trees, wreaths and merriment up on display for the upcoming holiday season. I work in a very nice building with marble floors, big hanging lights, and a rotating door in the main lobby area - this grandeur, combined with the beautiful Christmas décor gave me, not only goosebumps but images of sugar plums dancing in my head!
I am a complete Christmas-aholic and I can remember two years ago when I had my job interview. It was December and the building was all decked out and I can remember thinking, "I must work here....look at their Christmas décor!". Generally, I would not recommend choosing a life altering thing, such as your career, around the way your potential employer decorate for the holidays but, thankfully, it did end up working out in my favor.
Since Commerce Place (the name of the building I work in) is oozing in festivity, I think it only natural to inject the cottage with a little holly jolliness as well.
First, I must send out a big Thank You to Art by Kristi. These ornaments were made up for me by this great shop and I am so excited to hand them out. I always like to add a little extra on my gift wrapping, and at Christmas time it is usually a Christmas tree ornament. These are so perfect, acting as my embellishment AND Christmas tag. I love a gift that has a personalized element to it and it doesn't get any more personal than when using some one's name!

When I was younger I always looked forward to the first day of December because that meant starting your advent calendar! I absolutely LOVE this one from Polka Stripe Studio because you can use it year after year, filling it with whatever your imagination will permit. This will no doubtedly become a piece that is passed down throughout the years to one excited child after another!

The amazing craftsmanship of the work that comes out of Snow Pond Primitives is just that...amazing! This Santa is hand carved from an antique wooden spool and then painted and sealed with love. I can imagine that if you are lucky enough to be the owner of one of these ornaments there will never be another one exactly like it out there.

And finally, the kids can start to get into the spirit of the season with these fun felt Christmas cookies from The Little Bitty Bakery. How many times, when you are behind schedule and have 5 dozen cookies left to bake and you find little hands wanting to "help" mommy? Now with the help of this fabulous felted food, they can "bake" their own cookies! Great idea!

This is really a minuscule sampling of the Christmas splendor that is out there, waiting for you to happen upon it. I love this time of year because of the time spent with family, the look of wonderment I see on kid's faces and because of my traditions. There is no other time of the year that I can think of when we fall back on our traditions more than at this festive time. Whether I am wrapping a gift, building up excitement for Christmas with every passing day for my child, decorating my home or baking my favorites, there is no beating that comfortable feeling that comes with the holidays!

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  1. it must be a cottage thing :o) I've started putting up a few decorations bit by bit :o) Lovely blog. Fellow cottage owner Michelle x