Sunday, November 18, 2012

Santa Box

Without boring you, I will just say that I have not posted on my blog in the last few months due to some insanely busy times in my house.  I love being busy and keeping my days full but what I don't love is when I miss out on some of my favorite things because of the crazy day-timer!  When I say favorite things I mean, of course, reading, sewing, baking, and BLOGGING!

With Christmas around the corner, and my Pinterest addiction in full swing, I have been motivated to get into the spirit of the season.  I've been signing up for potlucks and secret Santa's, buying and hiding special gifts, and planning out my baking list for this year.

My eldest daughter is currently in pre-school and is big time into making crafts.  I had some free time this afternoon (what?!) and decided to spend some quality (holiday inspired) crafting time with her while the little one was sleeping. I have a big box of "kid-friendly" crafting supplies - not to be confused with my "mommy-spent-too-much-on-these-supplies-so-don't-touch-them supplies" - that I pulled out and we looking around the house for some motivation.
Before long, I had gathered an empty cereal box, a toilet paper roll, and brown paper bag.  We decided to go with the cereal box and worked out a Santa Clause idea.  I love what we came up with because it was so easy and was something a four year old could easily work on by herself.

The supplies we used were:

  1. An old cereal box;
  2. Construction paper;
  3. White glue & tape
  4. A pair of googly eyes (dollar store); and
  5. Some white puff balls (dollar store).

I had my daughter trace out the red paper and we covered the cereal box, using white glue.  We then traced out and glued on Santa's belt (using sparkly construction paper for the buckle). Next we put together Santa's face and curled up some white construction paper for his beard (we used tape to adhere this to his face because the white glue was not strong enough to hold it in place).  After this, we glued on his hat and the white puff balls along its edge.  To make his legs, we just folded up paper and taped it onto the bottom of the box. The shoes are black construction paper with a piece of the sparkly paper for little buckles (also adhered with tape).  Voila, a super simple and fun craft - my daughter was beaming with pride when we were done!  
If you have a bunch of empty boxes, you could also make other holiday inspired figures - a reindeer, an angle, or a gingerbread man are a few ideas!

If you are looking for more Christmas crafts, check out a post I put up last year for cinnamon scented ornaments!  They make your house smell A-Mazing when you are making them!

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