Monday, June 4, 2012

My Favorite Mondays no. 1

I've noticed that many of the blogs I subscribe to, do a "my favorites" list once a week.  I love to share and highlight anything I've got going on or think is awesome, so, of course, I decided to jump on this bandwagon.  I wanted to do it on Friday...but, I ran out of time and therefore am doing it today.  SO, my favorites list will be on Mondays now - thus, the title, "My Favorite Mondays"!

My Favorite Pin

Without a doubt, this pin that originates back to, is my favorite pin of the week (maybe ever)!  Good lord, click on the link and you will be in awe of all the amazing images...simply stunning.  I am a calligraphy junkie and this quotation is beyond lovely.  This is a perfect pin!

My Favorite Etsy Find

I'm so excited to bring this Etsy shop to your attention.  I just happened to come across it on the main page this weekend in that scrolling area where they show newly listed items.  Ohhh Lulu is stunning.  I love pretty much everything she has listed in her shop and I am now creeping on her twitter and FB, excitedly waiting for anything she posts!

My Favorite Blog Update

As you've probably noticed, my blog has had a rehaul and I am now supporting an awesome new look.  I am so thrilled with the outcome and want to give a huge thanks to Hannah from Sweet Mod Designs a big thank you for her hardwork (look for a posting on her in the near future!)

My Favorite Personal Update

I am pretty much beyond excited for next April when I, so luckily, will be going on my dream vacation to Paris!  This isn't new news but, I'm so happy because I am starting some refresher French language classes this week!!
Je suis trés excité!!

My Favorite New App

I know I am so behind in this but, I FINALLY joined twitter!  I downloaded the app on my phone and have been addicted to it since.  My friend was constantly trying to get me to join and now, looking back, why did I resist?  I am @mycraftyblog so look me up (or simply click on the twitter button under the "About" section on my blog)! :)

My first favorites on My Favorite Mondays are pretty good, right?!  I look forward to the week ahead and finding some new gems to share with you next Monday!!
Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite news for the upcoming week! :)

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  1. Oh no problem, thanks for doing that! Love your "My Favorites" post. I have never done that and think it would be fun to do sometime.

    However, I'll probably forget by the time Friday rolls around, lol!