Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hall's Closet to the Rescue!

Not too long ago I posted a write up about Hall's Closet. A cute little Etsy shop that specializes in personalized doo-dads, jewellery, and d├ęcor items. I had selected ten gorgeous personalized coasters to hand out at Christmas time to all my lucky co-workers. Offered at a fabulous price, I couldn't resist their uniqueness and charm.

I mean, how great of an idea is this? Everyone at work drinks some sort of beverage- whether it be coffee, tea, or just water. This great gift idea is perfect because it shows that you've taken some time to think of something different and just for them, while still taking it easy on your pocket book.

After I ordered my coasters, Hall's Closet was quick to go to work. She shipped them off after completion and they began to make their way over to the Hand Crafted Cottage. Somewhere along the way, however, my precious gifts got damaged. And I mean REALLY damaged...every single shining one of them! Now, I am telling you all this because I am so impressed and pleased with what happened next. Not only was Hall's Closet absolutely understanding of what had happened but they were super quick to rectify the situation. I now have my new coasters which are the picture of perfection!

As thanks I wanted to recognize the job well done by Hall's Closet. I also wanted to post some pictures of her new beauties and encourage everyone to check out her shop! Thanks again!!!


I love many of the elements in this piece of wall art. The colour combinations really appeal to me, along with the simple geometric shapes. Additionally, the personalization included with the cute saying makes everything about this ideal!

Adorable ornaments full of whimsy! I love the traditional shape of this Christmas staple with the twist of a modern font and polka dots. Great gift for anyone who celebrates the season!

THE coasters!!! I love these ceramic gems and I now see that Hall's Closets offers the option to have a last name or an initial appear on them (with the font and colour of your choice!).


  1. I will definitely check out Halls Closet. What a great story and I'm so happy you got your coasters! Just goes to show you that Etsy sellers are good people!

  2. This is such a cute blog! I love it!