Monday, August 17, 2009

Only Four Months Until Christmas!

Yes, I'm one of those people. I shop year round for my Christmas presents and advocate listening to Christmas carols in the summer. I would work in the North Pole if I could. I love everything about Christmas; from family traditions to the pounds and pounds of chocolate that I consume to the hustle and bustle of the overpacked shops. I often say I work best under pressure, and there is no pressure like festive pressure.

With that being said, I have (of course) started Christmas shopping for those in my life, begining with a point and click in my favorite Etsy shops. My first goal - my office co-workers. This can be a tough one! First of all, depending on the size of your office, do you even do gifts and if you do, how much do you spend? For my own office, there are 10 people in my area and I thought I'd like to do a small something for everyone but still make it personalized and within reason when it comes to price. Hmmmm...that's a tough one.

It WAS a tough one, however, until I discovered Hall's Closet!

These beautiful coasters are the perfect gift to hand out at the office Christmas party!! Monogramed in beautiful script, in the colours of your choice, a coaster with your co-workers initial on it is a sure hit! Most people are coffee or tea drinkers and this would look great on anyone's desk - even if they don't drink coffee or tea, they are still great for a glass of water or even just to display.

I am so excited to hand these out to my office because I think they show genuine care and thought towards a gift for someone you probably see more than many members of your own family! They come at a very affordable price and are sure to earn you the title of office hero!


  1. Well...I almost shut your blog down as soon as I read the first no not Christmas already but you are so right it is time to start and I love what you have decided for your co workers@

  2. LOL, I shop for Christmas all year round. Like you, I love Christmas.

  3. Great blog Jen :)
    Your co-workers are lucky to have you around (especially since you came on Etsy! :)

    Wow, only four months till Christmas! I hadn't even thought of it till your post!