Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Oh shopping…my favorite hobby!! I recently left the cottage to do some much needed retail therapy at the market – well, at the Etsy market of course!

I love purchasing items through Etsy for many reasons; it’s a great feeling to support fellow artisans, local or otherwise, and the huge supply of just about anything you can think of is great. I think I love Etsy most, however, because when I buy a gift here for someone it always seems like I’ve hit a home run! The grueling work of trying to figure out what the perfect gift is and then having to go out and actually find that item is virtually gone! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just buying stuff for other people here – I certainly don’t have that kind of will power!

Here are a few items that I can give testament to – they are all fabulous and all owned by me! I sing their praises to anyone who will happen to listen and, with these items, you can certainly buy with confidence!

One of my first purchases on Etsy were these gorgeous garnet earrings from Splurge. I came across this line somewhere in her shop, “Life is complicated enough, your jewelry shouldn't have to be” - the simple lines and shapes of her jewelry, combined with the stunning stones she uses speaks true to that and you feel simply refreshed when wearing one of her pieces!

This invitation, coming from one of my all time favorite Etsy shops, Sweet Papers, is what I have just mailed out for my daughter’s first birthday party. I love every single design that this shop has to offer and am finding myself constantly checking it for any new items…I just can’t get enough! If you check out Sweet Papers be sure to take note of her Christmas photo cards, so adorable and it’s never to early to start getting prepared for the holiday season!!

This is an item I’ve also purchase for my daughter’s first birthday…the pattern to these amazingly delicious looking pieces of felt cake from Little Crickets. I was a bit wary of buying a pattern (I am making these cake pieces as give aways to all the kids coming to the party) but this seller totally put my mind at ease and offered so much support to this novice felt crafter! I’m so very excited to give these to our little guests!

I recently gave this sign as a wedding gift and it was such a hit! I even had other guest e-mailing me afterwards asking where I purchased it from. Savoie Faire Photo has such great ideas to offer for weddings, baby showers, home warming’s, or just to have for your self! And you really can’t beat the price for such a unique item!

My newest item! I’m so excited about this one…my mom always used to pressure my sister and me to buy the so called “lunch purse”. She just loved the idea of them (in her own words, “they’re just so neat!”) but I could never find a design that fit my style – until I found The Patty Pan Shop! Now I’m the one pressuring people to buy the lunch purse!!

I’m a sucker for jewelry and have always wanted a genuine onyx bead necklace. I love this stone because it generally always feels cool to the touch and it shines so beautifully. In the listing for this necklace from Kenton Beadworks the seller confided that she also has one and that she wears it everyday…I must admit, I wear mine almost everyday as well!

When I’m not wearing my onyx bead necklace I’m wearing this piece made especially for me by DearAnge. I recently returned to work after being on maternity leave for just over a year and , needless to say, it was hard to leave my baby! I really wanted to take a piece of her with me to the office - whenever I’m missing her (the other tag has my dog’s name on it) I can always find comfort in this piece.

Another sign that I’ve just recently purchase is this incredible birth announcement from Grace Hester Designs. I can’t wait to give it to the new parents because it’s so unique and different than the regular baby clothes and toys you see at baby showers. Plus I can definitely see this become an heirloom piece (which I love).

Another one of my favorite shops – Little Jumping Beans, make these shoes that can only be described as perfection! I have actually bought two pairs from her because they just work so well. I find the leather shoes so hard to get on my baby’s feet because she always balls up her foot when I’m trying to get them on! These ones fit so well, are so easy to get on her foot, wash really easily and are so super cute.

And finally, I end my shopping spree with this customizable stamp from Modern Art Stamps. I love this shop because they offer such a wide variety of great customizable stamps that are so whimsical and fun. Can’t beat their pricing either and no shipping fees!!

Okay – after all that shopping I’m wiped out! My cottage, however, is going to be brimming with pride from all my new Etsy finds and I can’t wait to show them off to all my guests! Oh yeah, did you notice that I said I love Etsy because I can buy awesome gifts for other people and that, from the items above, only two things were gifts…like I said, no self control!


  1. This post is great! Shopping on Etsy is the best! I like the items you got, especially the invitation, so cute! :)

  2. ooo lots of purchases (it's nice to spoil oneself as well as support handmade art at the same time!) - Rozzie