Saturday, August 1, 2009

Furry Friends of the Cottage

I am a pet person. I just love those furry little monsters...they give us so much and ask for so little so in return. Personally I am a dog person but I do have room in my heart for all creatures great and small. In think a pet is living proof that you can express love without using any words at all. Every time my dog, Bruce, greets me at the door - whether I've been gone for 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 days - it's like his excitement to see me knows no bounds! Imagine if our spouses greeted us at the door like this after a long day at work? I think all of a sudden picking up their dirty socks wouldn't bother us as much.

When I was younger I use to say that I was going to grow up and live on a wiener dog ranch. As it turned out, I do not live on that ranch (although that would have been really cool!) so here at the Hand Crafted Cottage I am going to make sure that there is always a gang of pets exploring the grounds!

This fabulous collar and leash set from Furry Paws Boutique is so cute and supports one of my favorite things - polka dots!! How stylish would your pooch be walking down the street wearing this, showing off to all the other dogs that are, incidentally, wearing the same old same old collars from Pet Superstore? This is an absolute must have! (and rumour has it Furry Paws is offering free shipping until the end of the day on Sunday, August 2!).

No collar is complete without the appropriate tag of course. For the kitty in you life a "tuna breath" tag, I'm sure, seems more than fitting. The Urban Puppy totes the cutest and most hilarious pet tags I have ever seen - and everyone knows that when you have a pet you need a sense of humor!

To the right is another tag, this time for our barking friends, from Nicole Marie C. I love this tag because of its simple elegance and I love hand stamped items...there is always so much love put into them!

Here at the Cottage we are not limited to dogs and cats. There is a plethora of rabbits, rodents, birds, and the odd piglet or two. I would be so proud to offer my bunnies these absolutely adorable carrot shaped rabbit toys from Freyja's Fire Shop. These wonderful little toys are stuffed with organic timothy hay and dried sweet potato and carrot...even if I didn't have a rabbit I would buy them simply to display them during the fall!!

I love this bowl from Paris Chic Boutique because of it's french flair and because of the fact that it's big enough to handle a dog with a little meat on it's bones!! It may be Le Bow-wow but it's not in any way Le frou-frou! It is also dishwasher safe which is great because that gives us more time to go out and play with the dogs!

And finally, at the end of the day when we are all curling up in our soft comfortable beds, isn't it nice to know the our pets can too? Annie's Sweat Shop is one of my all time favorite Etsy shops.
Her beds are Eco friendly (made from recycled fleece), customizable, machine washable and just plain fabulous. I love that your pup can just climb right in and be snug as a bug!

Like I said before, our pets give us so much and ask for so little in return. Even if they're asking for little, however, isn't it nice to treat them once in a while to such fabulous items as these?


  1. I just love my doggie too. He's the best for keeping me company and making me smile every day. I adore your site and can't wait to see all of the fabulous things you feature. Do you really live in that gorgeous house?

  2. wow these pictures are amazing! the items are adorable! It's so nice of you to share these finds, I'll have to check them out at some point for a gift for my little dog. He's very down at the mo as my toddler son is being a bit excitable with him! I think I owe him a treat to cheer him up!

    moonangelnay x

  3. Cute blog post!! Love the puppy picture!

  4. tuna breath lol love it, that is so cute and funny :) aren't pets the best!