Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love it when I see an item full of old world charm but in a modern setting. It feels oddly comforting, doesn't it? Especially considering that in this day and age so many items are mass produced and highly marketed (and often poorly made)! I'm sick of seeing the same stuff over and over! How great would it be if where you lived it looked like a small European village where every single house on your block was full of whimsy and charm. And if we could have this ideal yesteryear look but still have the convenience of hitting up the local coffeehouse for a mocacchino, well it would simply be perfection!
This pursuit of a comfortable old world feeling for my home has come to the cottage. That's why I had all the doors switched over to the old school lock and key system! My key ring no longer houses those boring old silver square keys that look like everyone elses. Yes, I even have a skeleton key. Just don't peak through the key hole when I'm changing!!

These amazing ornate skeleton keys from Ashbury Lane Art & Design scream old world to me and when I look at them, I can't help but feeling like I hold some important secret hanging off my keyring. Imagine what someone would think when you pulled out your keys and these beauties came popping out? How very mysterious it all would seem indeed!


  1. I love each and every installment Jen ~ and those keys are gorgeous ~ I have a photograph of some old skeleton keys hanging from a doorknob :)

    Hey have you seen the movie "The Skeleton Key" ~ pretty scary film :) Worth seeing!

  2. Oh that is too funny! My front door still has keys like that. I just LOVE old things, especially houses.

  3. That is an incredible idea. Great blog.

  4. I have often thought about building a community of old charm. Alas it is on hold until I win the lottery lol

    have a great day!