Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Love

Happy Mother's Day to all you hard working Mama's out there!! 
It's so funny because on my first few Mother's Days I expected so much.  Yes, I thought, I shall be pampered and waiting on for these 24 hours and none of my regular mother-like duties shall apply.  Well, I was usually disappointed to find that it really was like most Sundays - but I did get to sleep in! LOL...these days I'm happy to enjoy my special day - still wiping bums and cleaning up messes - but I've since discovered the real importance of today.  I love my girls with all my heart and seeing them bring me their homemade pictures and their proud face hand me some flowers,well,  it melts my heart.  I'm also so thankful to spend part of this day honouring my own mother and mother-in-law.  Wow, do they ever do a lot to help me and my family out, to support us in every way they can, and they are always there cheering us on.  I love you guys!
Here's how my day broke down in a nutshell (I hope you enjoyed your day as well!)...
sunny morning enjoying the outside world

Me and Little Miss S
"mom - I found this for you!"

I love these cards, decorated with scribbles and pictures from the girls...I always cry from the cheesy saying inside! :)

Beautiful flowers from my husband and girls

We served an AWESOME punch - all it takes is a can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate and 4 cups of white cranberry juice and then refridgerate for an hour.  Before serving add in some club soda and fresh mint and voila - sparkling pink punch!

The ladies and I (minus Kate who was napping)

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