Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday!

Oh man...I love etsy. I have a wishlist 14 pages long of items that I would gladly spend all my hard earned cash on in a heartbeat! Of course, this is obviously not realistic seeing that I have little mouths to feed and have become accusomed to the little perks in life, such as heat and electricity. BUT...hey, if I didn't have these hiccups - watch out.

I suppose all I can do is dream for now. My wishlist is a collection of beauties that are handcrafted by truly talented men and women. Sometimes I am in awe with what can be accomplished with talent and a bit of hardwork.

Today's wishlist item are these absolutely adorable little baby boots. Like for real boots...yes, I'm talking about baby cowboy boots!

These beauts are from an Etsy shop called Pods Shoes and Patterns where you can find wonderfully delightful boots, shoes, and - you guessed it - patterns. Made from recycled leather you can gets these in many different colours, including grey, pink, brown, black and red. There is velcro down the sides to accomidate chubby little baby feet and suede lining inside. Sizewise you can get a pair for anywhere inbetween 0 to 18 months. I think what really makes these boots, however, is the amazing top-stitching. It's the little details that really make or break an item like this and Pods Shoes have really hit the mark!

You can't help but smile when you see these and at $46 (plus shipping) you can't ask for a cuter keepsake for any little baby in your life!

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  1. Oh geez, little bitty cowboy boots? Those are so sweet. I want some too ;)