Thursday, March 10, 2011

Team Feature - Posh Nursery

As most of you know, one of the great tools available to shops on Etsy is the ability to become involved in various teams. This is a great way for different people, from around the world, to connect with other shops that have like interests, shop listings, who live in common areas, etc.

Becoming a member of a team means you are now part of a group of people who will support you, share ideas, promote you, and, even sometimes, shop from you! I love that this is available to shop owners and feel that only positive things came from participating in this way.

One such team that I am thrilled to introduce is called Posh Nursery. This is a group of people who have focused their shops to specialize in items that are primarily meant for nurseries and children’s rooms. Although the team is still fairly new, the membership has been growing steadily and the quality of shops involved is stellar.

How lovely is it to have a group of people dedicated to making your little one’s first bedroom something magical? A lot of hard work and thought have built the foundation for your perfect nursery so it only makes sense to go to a team like Posh Nursery to find everything you’re hoping to find when starting out on your decorating journey.

The Posh Nursery team boasts fabulous shops that specialize in items such as custom bedding, stuffies, artwork (including custom work), wall letters, toys, organization, mobiles, and keepsake items – just to name a few.

I love this Baptism/First Communion memory box from The Memory Keepers. As a mom to a young child I am always gathering little items (photos, ribbons, tickets, certificates…) to remind me of special occasions with my daughter. This, however, can cause clutter and, unfortunately, things sometimes get lost. Using a memory box gives all your special mementos a unique home and ensures that you will be able to enjoy them many years from now.

The custom wall hangings available at Slharnisch are simply amazing! The hand-painting craftsmanship is impeccable and having something like this in your nursery would absolutely be one of a kind. I love anything that is customizable and this, obviously, fits with that. This is so unique and is definitely something to set your nursery apart.

I can’t say enough about these hand painted wall letters from Bouncing Off the Walls. I love love love the motif in this listing – it is so fun, whimsy, and just plain adorable. You can tell the care and absolutely effort put into all the letters available in this shop; there is a wide variety to choose from as well so you know you will leave finding exactly what you want.

I love this shop. Sea Urchin Studio offers wonderful alphabet prints that are so versatile for different décor ideas. My personal favorite are these sea creatures, set in a beautiful pastel tone. Use these letters to spell out the entire alphabet or just choose the letters in your child’s name. So cute and so much fun!

I love this next shop because they align really well with my own décor tastes. I love a nursery that includes elegance and class – not always just the cutesy stuff. These pillow cases from Chloe and Olive Dot Com would look just gorgeous adorning your gliding chair or as part of your child’s bedding. The colours work well with the soft hues generally found in a nursery and become an eye-catching piece to anyone coming to admire your little one’s abode.

And finally, I want to point out these super cute custom Hippo oil paintings from Baby Sully’s Art. This shop does specialize in items for both boys AND girls but I did want to draw attention specifically to this item as it is maybe geared more towards the male gender. They sometimes get forgotten in the baby decorating world (and from what I hear from friends with little boys – in the clothing department as well!). I always hear, “there are so many cute things for girls, but what about the boys?!” Well, look no further – thank you Baby Sully’s Art. I love these painting (customizable!!) and how special would it be to have personalized hand-painted artwork for your little man’s room?

As I mentioned, this is just a sampling of the shops who call the Posh Nursery team home. I would suggest to you to go and check them out whether you are planning a nursery of your own or know someone who is. Fabulous gifts for new moms and dads and an easy way to find them.

If you would like to find out more about the Posh Nursery team you can check out their team page HERE or you can type in “posh nursery” in the Etsy search engine.


  1. What a lovely blog you have written about our new Posh Nursery team!!! I am very happy and proud to be a part of this team which has brought together such a wonderful group of Etsy sellers who very generously support and promote each other:) We are literally a one-stop shop for putting together a truly 'Posh' nursery. I can't thank you enough for featuring my Baptism/First Communion Personalized Keepsake Box!
    Thanks again,
    Wendy~ The Memory Keepers

  2. Great blog; the Posh Nursery team has some very talented members!

  3. I truly enjoyed reading the blog post from the newly created team at Posh Nursery. We are extremely trilled to be part of this growing group on Etsy. Many thanks for including our Tiffany Blue Damask pillow covers in your assortment!
    Much appreciated,
    Tania~ Chloe & Olive

  4. Such great items for parents to be and babies. Love it all. :)

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my artwork! I just love your blog and what it is all about :) Beautiful, beautiful items for any nursery!

  6. Great article, lovely pictures, winning combination!

  7. Go Team Posh Nursery! Love the blog!