Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time to Start Shopping!

I am in a shopping mood! Not sure why I have this bee in my bonnet (yes, I actually do still talk like this) but for some reason I have that proverbial hole burning in my pocket and I have to kill the fire! The best way to do this, obviously, is to visit my darling Etsy Land.

As I’ve mentioned before I spend much time grooming and tweaking my favorites page and really, at any time, I could close my eyes and point randomly at something I’ve hearted and I would be beyond thrilled to call it my own. With Mother’s Day coming up as well, this really is prime shopping time for me!

As I perused my collection of beloveds, there were a few things that really stood out. I’ve decided to post them for you, in hopes, you know…that perhaps my other is reading this as well – as I mentioned, Mother’s Day IS quickly approaching!

First of all, I am absolutely IN LOVE with these shoe clips from Percy Handmade. I recently purchased a lovely hair clip from this whimsical shop and I can tell you the quality of the craftsmanship is unmatched. I just love these clips because, like many of you, I have a ton of boring old black heels that need a little je ne sais quoi! These ivory blossoms are simply gorgeous, adorned with pearl and glass beads, and measure approximately 2” in diameter. I will be attending a wedding soon and can just picture myself dancing up a storm while wearing this little gems on my tootsies!
My next absolute must have is this collection of fabrics from the Fabric Shoppe. Titled Lovebirds Fabric, the bundle includes five ½ yard sections of 100% cotton. The symphony of polka dots, birdies and luxurious damask is a blend of elegance and fun. I am simply dying to make a mini quilt for my bébé with this listing! I’ve also noticed that the seller has a ‘save on shipping’ feature, available to residents in North America.
I’ve mentioned this next shop a few times before and, really, she’s one of my favorites for a reason! The Back Porch Shoppe has so many great items it’s hard to choose just one. This shabby chic, vintage styled Laundry sign has stood out in my mind for a very long time. In the Hand Crafted Cottage, we are preparing to develop our laundry room into a place of beauty…and yes, I know this sounds strange – laundry and the word beauty in the same sentence. But I kid you not, my future laundry room will be just that…beautiful (I’m talking about a large sink, tile backsplashes, shelves galore, etc)! What better way to put a cherry on the top of this spin-cycled sundae than to include this sign, enticing guests to come and check out my dirty laundry in all it’s glory.
Another item I simply must have in my grasps is this adorable growth chart from Pop Wall. At first I thought it was a giraffe but, to be true to the listing, it is labeled as a tall horse! Measuring 70cm -150cm this would look perfect in a child’s toy room or in their bedroom. It is a vinyl wall decal which is great because when your little one’s outgrown it, it is easily removed from the wall with no damage (plus if you are a bit wary of the vinyl wall decal craze, this shop includes a free practice decal to try out before hand)! The nice things about our tall horse here, is that he can also be customized in size and colour.
And finally, these little hand lettered note cards are pure decadence. I have mentioned this shop in the past but the level of artistry oozing from Primele is worthy of a second glance. I know the intention of these little calling cards is not for what I have in mind but rather to use as place cards, addressing on envelopes, etc. BUT…I would love love love to have a collection of these to paste into my favorite books, recipe collections or wherever I found the need and desire to put them. They are simply gorgeous and the listing indicates that the calligrapher can include personalized printing, edging, flourishing and more. You MUST check out this amazing shop!

So that’s my list. Of course, every day I am finding new and amazing items I would be proud to call my own! I’m still hung up on my soap (as per my previous post) and actually, now that I think of it…I need to get a baby gift too. And then there’s apron from Lover Dovers Clothing that I’ve had my eye on for a while. Hmmm…my list is growing. Well, to my other – if you ARE in fact reading this…you know what to do.


  1. what a lovely blog and your post was awesome! i have just followed you ;-)

  2. What fun stuff you have chosen. The shoe clips are cool. I hope you get everything on your list for Mother's Day!